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Pharmacy Specialty Services specializes in compounding and offers all of the services of a pharmacy. For natural hormone therapy, pain medicines, pediatric medicines, and all prescription medicines our pharmacists in Lincoln, NE, are the ones to trust.

When it comes to choosing a pharmacy, you have lots of options. But in Lincoln, the team at Pharmacy Specialty Services strives to be more than just a drug store. We want to be your partners in your better health! We'll provide expert, caring, and compassionate advice to you and your family. Our pharmacists will alert you to any possible side-effects or drug interactions that you should be aware of. And of course, we accept most insurance so your prescription costs stay low. At Pharmacy Specialty Services, we want you to know that we're here to help you feel better every day.
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Our services

Pharmacy Specialty Services provides a comprehensive range of pharmacy services, quality health care products, and professional advice for all of our customers in Lincoln. We offer:

- Quality medications and prescription filling service
- Pain and pediatric medicine services, and natural hormone therapy
- Flavor compounding service for prescription drugs
- Injectable and veterinary compounding
- Convenient location and hours of operation

Our pharmacists are here for you when you need us to provide the very best service and advice whenever you need it.
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Who we are

At Pharmacy Specialty Services, you can always count on quality, sound advice from our friendly staff, professional expertise from our pharmacists, and a broad range of pharmacy services, health care products, and medications. Our pharmacy is locally owned and operated. Scott Tran, licensed pharmacist is your knowledgeable neighbor.

Our goal is to consistently provide the best service and quality for our customers, and this has helped us to build a solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy drug store with extensive pharmacy services in Lincoln.

Whenever you have questions concerning your medications, don't hesitate to call us. Whether you're concerned about drug interactions or allergic reactions to certain medicines, we can put your concerns to rest. That's why we're here!
Free delivery and shipping, third party insurance billing, and we're locally owned and operated!
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